2019 Programs

Yearlong Retreat - Making a Change for Good
Cost/ $400
Duration/ Mar. 4 - Dec. 20, 2019

Mar 4, 2019 - Dec 20, 2019
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This is an excerpt from Making a Change for Good:

“If I were different, better, smarter, thinner, richer, more in control (which I would be if only I had more self-discipline,) life would be as it should be and I would be happy. As it is, life isn’t the way it should be and it’s my fault. … Nothing in life is a matter of “fault”; no amount of self-discipline will ever give anyone control over life (control is an illusion); happiness does not depend on circumstances; and life is always exactly as it is!

There are two kinds of discipline:

  1. Strict, harsh, and punishing
  2. Assisted, supported, nurtured

The first is familiar to us all. The second, compassionate self-discipline, is nothing other than being present rather than engaged in distracted, unfocused, addictive behaviors based in an I-need-to-fix-myself mentality.  That person is actually paying attention, focusing on what is here to do in the moment, bringing compassion to all aspects of daily life, and discipline has nothing to do with it.

We don’t lack self-discipline, we lack presence.”


The yearlong retreat will assist us to develop the presence we lack.

Attention on awareness is a synonym for presence. More often than not, attention is not on awareness. More often than not, attention is on a conversation in conditioned mind. When that is the case, we are creating and attending to beliefs. Suffering is our experience.

This retreat will offer a framework to train us to become aware of attention on a conversation in conditioned mind. By applying this process framework to an area of content where we suffer—finances, health, relationship, career, family, spiritual practice, etc.—we’ll learn to make the movement from looking through conditioned mind to looking at conditioned mind. Since awareness is what is aware of conditioning, bringing awareness to conditioning is in itself the behavior change that will allow us to transcend suffering, thereby allowing us to Make a Change for Good!

How It Works

  1. We will explore 10 areas of life content over the course of the year, each of which will constitute one session.
  2. Before each session, you will receive an email that outlines the content focus for the session.
  3. Each participant in the retreat will choose their OWN practice focus within the content focus for that session.
  4. Daily, we will email to you, and also post on the retreat website, an exercise that will be the practice focus for the day. There will be assignments all seven days of the week.
  5. We will repeat this same format over the course of the year.
  6. On weekdays, we will host a 30-minute radio show where you’ll have the opportunity to call in and process your insights from the previous day’s assignment and listen to what inspired, challenged, or transformed Sangha.

We’ve heard from the participants of the “Project Joy” and “How You Do Anything” retreats how life-changing it was to have a daily focus and a forum to process what was being seen. If you missed the yearlong retreats in the past, or were unable to fully participate in the retreat last year, here is your chance to reap the benefits of that extraordinary Sangha experience!

Register today to Make a Change for Good.