2018 Programs

Compassionate Scheduling with the Mentor
Cost/ $50
Duration/ 4 weeks
Oct. 30 - Nov. 20, 2018
Tuesdays at 10:00am - 11:00am Pacific time
Registration closed
Non-refundable after registration closes

Schedules (or lack thereof) are often used by egocentric karmic conditioning/self-hate to torture us. Being talked into cramming too much into the day; not being allowed time for practice, exercise, eating well and other activities that take care of us; and procrastinating and then being beaten for our “failures” are just a few of its bamboozles.

One of the things retreatants are struck by is what a profoundly kind life experience it is to follow the compassionate schedule that is offered on retreat. In this group coaching program, we will explore taking that kind experience into our daily lives by creating a schedule with the Mentor. Through weekly facilitated calls and email check-ins, you’ll be supported to create and follow a compassionate schedule.

A recording device is required for participation. 

To register, email

Group Coaching consists of:

  • a weekly group call with a Zen Awareness Coach.
  • a mid-week email check in
  • Recording and Listening suggestions and tips