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What’s New
OUR Theme for 2019
“Making a Change for Good”

Our goodness is already established, but we don't live from that premise. More often than not, we listen to a conversation in conditioned mind that negates our inherent goodness. This is why most of us sign up to make changes in our lives with a focus on self-improvement. This assumes and maintains the illusion of a self that needs improvement and keeps the attention squarely on the ego and on the self-hate that obscures our inherent goodness.

Our practice focus this year brings the suffering process that negates our inherent goodness under the microscope as a way transcend what keeps us from recognizing our True Nature. As we practice "Making a Change for Good," we practice compassionate endeavor that results in the realization of the goodness that is us.

Registration has opened for the Blessed Is the Knowledge of Emptiness in Murphys, CA, May 27 - June 1, 2019.


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