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What’s New
OUR Theme for 2018
"How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything"

How we are and how we conduct our lives leads either
towards suffering or away from suffering.

Everything in Life is a process, however, we rarely see it that way! What causes us to see life the way we see it, dominated by “whats” (content) and “whos” (identities) is also a process. It’s the process we call egocentric karmic conditioning/self-hate.

Most often, we’re not aware of the lens we’re using to view life and so we find ourselves bewildered by our inability to be with how life is. This is where Awareness Practice comes in.

Awareness Practice trains us to have a process perspective, which brings us a great deal of clarity because it allows us to see life in the way life works. By also using awareness to become aware of the process of suffering, we develop the capacity, should we choose, to stop tuning into and being controlled by the suffering process.

This year, we will examine the content of our lives through the process lens of Awareness to get a better sense of how ego operates. Bringing karmic patterns and survival mechanisms into the light of conscious compassionate awareness liberates us to have an authentic life experience.

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