At least once a year a group of Living Compassion staff travels to Africa to take the next steps in the Africa Vulnerable Children Project. It is always a life-changing experience.

Experiencing the African culture has transformed us. Even in the face of extremely difficult circumstances, the people we encounter have a joy and enthusiasm for life that is truly inspiring.

On these trips we celebrate the things that have been accomplished since our previous trip and hold meetings to put the next phase of the projects in place.

MARCH 2014

On this trip we launched the Living English program. Also, the team decided to expose the children to a wider array of experiences by taking them on field trips. Read about the process of creating the program and all that we saw as it launched.


This trip we worked with the team in Kantolomba to strengthen and expand the English program. The idea came up to move it forward with “one heart,” to support everyone to speak more English within the Living Compassion team. There is so much enthusiasm and success for you to read about.