June 13, 2019
Doris collecting water at the Living Compassion tap.
Little Cathrine and her friend show their lunch boxes of food.
Some of our Grade Four students from Twatemwa School pose for a photo at Living Compassion after a football match in which our team won 2-0.
Dorcus and Ann giving food to the children in the dining hall.
Malila's class singing as they wait for their turn to go in for lunch.
Euginia talking to some of the team members about hygiene. The team sit together during lunch and talk about work matters.
Some of Team Living Compassion who beat the Twatemwa School team in a football match.
Our cute little ones from Kantolomba are some students from Veronica's class. They are now ready to go to Grade One next year.
June 6, 2019
Natasha sitting with Theresa during a one-on-one talk. She was talking about how her mother has started drinking again. This sad development is very common among the women of Kantolomba who fall into depression and resort to drinking.
Our new Zora girls, Mary Mwanza, Mary Bwalya, and Veronica Kalaba. They look so cute in their bright new yellow uniforms.
Ruth at the kitchen area cutting cabbage in readiness for lunch. Cabbage goes with the soya chunks and nshima on Monday's menu.
Doris and Audria doing it in style, singing as they stir the huge pot of nshima.
Ann checking the books of the students who come from other schools to eat at Living Compassion. This is important to us, as we make sure that they go to school before they eat lunch.
Cute smiles from Kantolomba. Little Ester and her friend Mubanga peeping through the window. They are in Malila's class.
Mirriam preparing soya chunks.