July 18, 2019
Our cute faces for this week are little Musonda and her friend Bridget from Teacher Beatrice's class. The weather has been chilly here in the morning and evening, and the little ones are covered in warm clothing as they come in for lessons each morning.
In the library, Malila's class follows the recordings with Ann as the teacher.
Sandra in class. She will be going to Grade One next year. She is ready and prepared, as she can read and write now.
Doris stirring nshima for the other volunteers's lunch.
Elias in the library with the little ones doing the Genki lessons on the computer.
Our very own two beautiful ladies who are in college in Luanshya came to say goodbye on Saturday. Jowen could not help but have a photo taken with them as the rest showered them with encouraging words.
Dorcus, Audria's daughter, has diabetes but looks much better and healthier now. Her family is following the strict diet and using the medication from the clinic. The Living Compassion team also encourages the family to be strong for their beautiful girl.
Our kitchen staff busy preparing veggies for lunch.
July 11, 2019
Monica carrying a bucket of nshima to the dining hall. She is the mother of five and is looking after three children of her late sister, Mable Mfula. She loves volunteering at Living Compassion and is proud that she is part of the Living Compassion family.
Peter and Susan off to school. They have started going to a skills school in Mushili, not very far from Kantolomba. Peter is doing plumbing and Susan is doing tailoring. We are all behind them and wish them all the best.
A pot of nuts ready to be roasted and then pounded to make peanut butter.
Kakoma, Theresa's son, ready for school. He, too, is at Mushili Skills School doing plumbing, and he is very excited about school.
Monica roasting nuts.
Cute faces for this week are from Beatrice's class. Here they are singing the alphabet.
Younger Foster sorting beans.
Peter helping Susan get into the taxi to get to Mushili Skills School.