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October 21, 2021
Susan, our tailoring school graduate, is setting up her sewing shop in Kantolomba! She and Theresa went into town to purchase the sewing machine. Here, Theresa pushes Susan to the hired car.
Susan waited in the car, as her legs were hurting her today.
The brand new sewing machine being unpacked.
The sewing machine being thoroughly checked by the shop attendant.
Happy moments with friends.
Susan's grandma dancing with joy.
Susan with her late grandfather's younger brother and a neighbor friend.
Bertha, a member of our Girls Program, showing off the baby dress she made at the sewing school.
September 21, 2021

Theresa found these old photos and shared them with us. She says, "I remember these precious moments captured years ago! They are all grown up. How time flies! Wow!!"

Regina is on the far right, and next to her is Natasha.
Regina, on the far left, and the other little ones having lunch. Regina’s daughter, Karen, is now in Grade 3 in the Girls Program.