October 11, 2018
Some of the writing that the little ones do in Memory's class. They are taught basics, and when the time is right they go to Grade One at Twatemwa School here in Kantolomba.
Busy drawing using the floor as a desk. The little ones in Beatrice's class enjoy drawing and coloring.
Memory in class helping her student Joyce read some English words. Joyce is now seven years old and is ready to go to Grade One next year.
Natasha in the kitchen area cooking soup for the rice and egg meal.
Younger Foster pounding nuts for Friday's peanut butter rice. The dish is good and nutritious.
Prepared nuts and eggs.
The most wonderful and cute smile of the week, from little Stella, who is Memory's class.
Juliet with a smile on her face, carrying eggs to be boiled. She is a mother of two and is taking care of her grandmother Margret, who retired. Juliet is hard-working, just like her grandmother.
Blessing posing for a photo at Theresa's house. She loves visiting Theresa on weekends.
Little Bony smiling for the camera in class. He is one of the best students in his class, and we hope that when he goes to Grade One, he continues to be the best.
October 4, 2018
Natasha sitting at the tap rinsing her chitenge in clean water. She is now the caretaker here at Living Compasion. She's the mother of two, a boy who's in Malila's class and a girl who's in Memory's class.
Zilo and Regina preparing nuts. They pound and seive them, then they pound them into peanut butter. It is used on Fridays, which is peanut butter rice day.
Grade Four students from Twatemwa School. Theresa's namesake with her friends pose for a photo after their meal.
Our cute little faces of Kantolomba for this week are from Beatrice's class.
Playing the game of Pick Paper Pick. The little ones scramble to pick up any piece of paper they find lying around the grounds. This teaches them the lesson not to throw paper on the ground.
Brenda singing as she pounds the nuts in a mortar. The women like to sing when working in the kitchen area.
Bruce having his lunch. He is so cute and loves hanging around Living Compassion and playing.