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March 12, 2020
Euginia standing beside the pile of mealie meal after counting the remaining bags. She is in charge of the food storage room.
Veronica and Susan making sure the little ones get their lunch boxes and warm clothing before they head home. The children tend to forget things they came with in the morning. Luckily they have good helping hands that take care of them.
With all the diseases that are coming up, washing of hands is our number one priority, especially for the children. The caretaker makes sure that the many little hands are washed properly with clean water and soap.
Nuts being resold in small quantities after being bought in bulk at Masala market. The peanuts are bought raw, then cooked to be sold.
Audria balancing a container of water for her home use on her head. She also has her granddaughter strapped on her back. She is strong!
Martha cleaning leftover bits of charcoal after the truck delivered it. The charcoal comes in huge bags.
Our cute faces for this week from Kantolomba are the girls from Veronica's class. Happy smiles!
March 5, 2020
Pauline counting her kwacha with a smile on her face after receiving her month-end stipend.
Beatrice in class with her students, marking English words that the children were writing.
Veronica and Annie in the library after a tutor's meeting where they were encouraging each other on the importance of speaking English to the children.
Margret and Charity singing a happy song about how Living Compassion has lifted their burdens. They are able to take care of their families. It is a happy song indeed!
Talent at its best. Mirriam with the help of little Elizabeth doing Memory's hair after work.