October 17, 2019
Our adorable twins Mwenya and Mwelwa, who are in Malila's class. They are orphans, having just lost their mother last month. Their father passed on three years ago. They are now being looked after by their grandparents here in Kantolomba.
Some of the girls in the program: Mary Mwanza (Grade 11), Esnart Bwalya (Grade 9), Mary Bwalya (Grade 11), and Susan Mwanza (Grade 8).
Cosmas writing in Veronica's class.
Students from Twatemwa Primary School sit under the tree as they wait for their time to go into the library. Some are doing their homework.
Audria, one of the volunteer mothers, carrying a bucket of nshima and some plates to the dining area.
Doing it in style! Cooking nshima in preparation for lunch.
Mwansa, a Grade Three student doing her homework. Children take advantage of the quiet time here to do their homework in the afternoon with the help of the Living Compassion tutors.
October 10, 2019
Pauline dishing out rice into buckets for easy carrying to the dining hall. The rice is served with an egg for each student.
The little ones at the wash area while waiting for their lunch.
Natasha, little Edna's proud mum, loves her work so much, for it has helped her in raising her little ones Edna, six, and Joe, four.
Our cute faces for this week are Masauso and Phillip, who are in Veronica's class. They are ready to go to Grade Three, but their parents can not afford the fees. Instead, they come to class each day at Living Compassion.
Smiling cute little ones from Malila's class.
Jack helping himself with some water at the drinking station.
Some of the cooking staff preparing veggies.