December 11, 2014
Lunchtime, and sharing time too, here at the property. The little ones love to put together their lunch and eat together, a true example of COMPASSION.
Martha and Veronica at the property after the meeting we had.
Meet little Enala, one of the All Stars Girls Stay in School members. She is in grade five at Government school and she loves to read the little English books that are in our library here at the property. She wants to become the president of this country when she grows up. She's so cute.
Guess who? Yes, this is Baby Emmanuel, Susan's son. He is now three months old and looks very healthy. He was brought to the property for his feeding. It's amazing how fast babies grow.
Little Enala just finishing washing her plate after lunch.
Living Compassion staff members busy packing charcoal at the property.
December 4, 2014
Joseph in class pointing to the letter "B" on the board. He is the son of our Living Compassion staff member Peter. Joseph is a twin, as is his father. Joseph's sister Sheba is also in the same class.
Lining up to go into class at the property. When they see me with the camera in my hand, all these cute faces think "show a big smile."
Meet cute little Emmanuel. Not long ago he was only a baby coming to the property to be fed by his mother Maureen, one of our staff members. Today he is a cute boy and is able sing along with the Genki songs that are sung at the property.
Prisca cleaning the beans in readiness for the next day's meal at the property.
Singing "What's your name" at the property. It's the popular song that everyone loves to sing.
Smiling faces from Kantolomba. So cute!
Susan back at the property after going on leave. She recently had a baby.