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JULY 3, 2014
Nshima cooking. Susan and Pauline stir the thick porridge to make it ready for lunch. It takes two people and a lot of strength to prepare it.
Reading time. Some of the Grade 7 students read with teacher Joy during extra lessons at the property.
Some of the older students now know how to operate the laptops, though under very strict supervision. Here Marjorie and her friend point out the words on the computer.
Genki time. Some of the Living Compassion students sing a Genki song from the computer.
Grade 1 students doing their extra lessons at the property.
Lunch time is over and it is time to go home. Having left some lunch for their siblings, they carry their boxes on their little heads to take it home to share.
Meet little Theresa, a student in Joy's class. She was named after Theresa because a few years back her Mum, Melody, who happens to be the daughter of Euginia (one of the staff members), was helped by Living Compassion when she was very sick. She had TB of the stomach and Living Compassion helped by bringing Dr. Obi to attend to her. Proper medication was given, and after six months her health had changed completely. Now she is married and is a very healthy and proud mother of two.