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New Beginnings Blog


February 8, 2023

                 Preparing for the final touches

                                                    Almost done!

Ah, perspective. For those of us close to the project it’s hard to recall what a disaster the “Mash Tent/Bunker” was. We do realize that there may be those encountering it in its current incarnation who might, even now, not see its full magnificence. But to us it is a thing of beauty. And, perhaps better than beautiful, it’s functional! There are still some touches we’re attending to, but for the most part it’s ready to move from the “in process/primary focus” list to the “items to attend to when there’s time” list.
What now? Now we’re ready to move all the tools required for that job to their new home in the recently relocated Woodshop. This is requiring one of our favorite activities, visits to Around Again. Picture it! A whole empty building that needs to be “accoutered” to accommodate homes for everything from screws and nails to circular saws, pole saws, chainsaws, clamps, screwdrivers and hammers, paint and paint supplies—a mini, onsite hardware store. So exciting! 

One of the things we’ve realized in doing most of our shopping at a recycle/reuse location is that things aren’t necessarily cheaper. They’re rarely much more expensive than getting them new, but sometimes a bit more. That’s when we remind ourselves that cost is not the primary motivation in our choice—we’re keeping something out of the landfill. Plus, of course, we don’t have to deal with the massive amounts of packaging that comes with most items bought from a retail outlet. 
Truth be told, the biggest motivation is finding treasures and the fun of creativity. We come back with a vehicle full of this’s and that’s and we get to figure out how to turn those into what we want and need. Pictures of that next time!
A reminder: As mentioned last night on Open Air, as soon as the email class finishes we will send out the next focus for the Anxiety Project.