There Is Nothing Wrong With You retreat

Duration/ 7 nights

  • Cheri's book "There Is Nothing Wrong With You" is required reading before you apply for this retreat.
  • A pre-retreat phone call with a monk.

Inside each of us is a "persistent voice of discontent." It is constantly critical of life, the world, and almost everything we say and do. As children, in order to survive, we learned to listen to this voice and believe what it says.

At this retreat we look directly at how we are rejected and punished by the voices of self-hate and discover how to let that go. Through a variety of exercises and periods of group processing, participants gain a clearer perspective on how they live their lives and on how to find compassion for themselves and others.

This work is challenging, joyous, fulfilling, scary, courageous, demanding, freeing, loving, kind, and compassionate-compassionate toward yourself and everyone you will ever know.

"What could be more important than helping people reconnect with their intrinsic goodness? The love that arises within radiates out to reach all levels of society. This is the kind of work that makes the world a better place." Nina, age 33, Physician/Scientist

“This was probably the most valuable week I've ever spent...this work really gets to the heart of the matter - how is it that we make ourselves unhappy? It guides you to see it very clearly and apply the only possible solutions - self-awareness, love and compassion.” Lon Withers, age 49, Performing Arts.

“It was a gift that has no equal. I feel blessed to have had this opportunity, and there is no doubt in my mind and in my heart that this world would be an oh-so-kinder place if everyone had the chance to experience this space of incredible acceptance and compassion.” Mary Ann Bailey, Age 53, Life Coach.

This is a residential retreat, and the price includes three delicious vegetarian meals and accommodation at the Zen Monastery Peace Center.

  • Fill out the application before the deadline.
  • Pay the registration pledge.
  • Your application will be reviewed.
  • You will be contacted for a phone interview with a facilitator.
  • Your place in the retreat will be confirmed two weeks after your application.
  • Your confirmation will contain all the details you need to visit the Monastery, what to bring, what not to bring, directions if you are driving, etc.
  • Registration opens three months prior to the start of this retreat.  Please check back at that time to begin the application process.  To receive notification by email that registration has opened, you can sign up for our mailing list here.

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