Practice Corner

What has been an extremely fun place to practice is every moment being a new moment, and with that a celebration of wonder and awe. What I have noticed even more is that being in the awe and wonder allows for the awareness of the newness of the moment. It is the beautiful loop of giving and receiving, not knowing what comes first and having no need to know. Everything is in its perfect place and space. It is getting to see everything with “new” eyes and an open heart. It is being with the flow that is inherent in each unfurling moment, like a new leaf opening to receive the carbon we offer and giving the oxygen we receive. A totally different process than with ego in its stuckness of something wrong and not enough.
The opportunity to be in wonder and awe with each new moment came a little while ago as I was preparing to travel. I found out when checking the itinerary that the beginning of the travel plan had been cancelled with a short window of addressing it. Because of our practice and the practice foci we as a Sangha have been attending to, there was more openness to the moment. Instead of going with ego into “assumption-land” and something wrong, there was a turning to the Mentor. What now, Mentor? How do we get to attend to what is presented? What gift is available right now? How do I get to be with the energy available to me in this moment? 
Having those questions drop in and the awareness to pay attention to them brought in the wonder and awe again. The giving and receiving loop of Life listening and responding to Life. The gratitude for practice to listen and see what is offered from Mentor, from Life. That “I” can’t know, because it doesn’t exist in possibility or the Present. From there, the Mentor and I took step after step, often with recorder in hand, connecting with very helpful people and experiencing more gratitude and wonder. The itinerary adjusted and I was on my way. 
How precious and wonderful Life is! And from there, even more gratitude for getting to navigate a situation that would have been a very different process with ego. Even more fun to see was that the process itself was the gift. While it was helpful to still do the travel, it was another reminder that even if the travel had not happened, I still would have been cared for and would have been given the option to enjoy every moment. The wonder and awe of getting to choose again and again this Happy Blessed Path, that it is available to us in every moment if we choose is astounding. There is gratitude as well for Awareness Practice that assists us to say “Yes!” to all of these wonderful practice opportunities in each new moment of awe and wonder. 
meg sn