2022 Practice Offerings

The Gift of Engagement
Cost/ By donation
Duration/ 4 weeks
May 10, 17, 24 and 31
Tuesdays, 11:00 am-12 pm PDT
2:00-3:00 pm EDT
Registration Deadline - Thursday, April 28th - 9pm
Non-refundable after registration closes

Following the news about how we’re doing with caring for the environment can be a bit discouraging? Daunting? Off-putting? Lead to feelings of hopelessness? Absolutely, if we’re doing what we’re doing in order to achieve a certain outcome. However, as practitioners of awareness we have the marvelous opportunity to just roll everything in Life into, as the Buddha phrased it, “working out our own salvation diligently.”

We do what we do because that’s what we’re doing, that’s how we feel called to engage. We engage because engaging is how life happens. We participate because life is not a spectator sport. We take part in because we are a part of. And, of course, happily that very being (with) is what we know to be our best opportunity to see how suffering is caused—to see how we cause ourselves to suffer—to let that go and end suffering.
–The New Beginning’s blog

Join us for a four-week group coaching class to explore what draws us to engage in caring for the marvelous planet we live on, the myriad ways conditioned mind attempts to take that over, and training to be with all of it as an opportunity to end suffering.

This coaching is offered on a donation basis in support of the new practice center in Sequim. To learn more about the emerging, new practice center, visit Cheri’s New Beginning’s blog.

A recording device is required for participation.

Group Coaching consists of:

  • a weekly group call
  • an email check-in
  • Recording and Listening suggestions and tips