2022 Practice Offerings

Virtual Meditation Groups
“This is it. When we are truly present, really here, this is all we could ever hope for, everything it should be.”
– Cheri Huber

Virtual Meditation Groups are a unique way to support your practice by meditating together with Sangha on a regular basis, no matter where you live. These "conference-call" meditation groups are ideal if there is no sitting group in your area or if you want to augment the meditation times offered by your local group.

How it works
A few minutes prior to the scheduled time, call the published conference call number. A trained facilitator will guide a group of callers through the meditation.

Group Format
We follow a specific format for a meditation period in our practice.

  • We meditate for 30 minutes.
  • There is a recitation at the beginning and end of the meditation period. Copies of the recitations are available for download from the Resources section.
  • Participants are welcome to bring the formality of the Meditation Hall at the Monastery into their home practice by being seated and ready to meditate 5 minutes before the meditation period is scheduled to begin.
  • Please be on the call at least 2 minutes before the scheduled start time.


For group call-in information, click here.

Daily Recollection
(recited at the beginning of each meditation period)

Short Recitation
(recited at the end of each meditation period)

The Secret Is There Are No Secrets: An Introduction to Zen Meditation with Cheri Huber

Meditation Tips

Nothing Happens Next (free download)

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