2024 Practice Offerings

Really, No Taboos!
Cost/ By donation
Date/  Sunday, May 26
Registration closed

Sunday, May 26
Time: 10.00 a.m. – noon Pacific
The deadline to register is Friday, May 24, at noon Pacific.

We are here to use everything in our experience to see how we cause ourselves to suffer so we can drop that and end suffering. 
---Short Recitation

On a recent Open Air, several practitioners confessed to being told (by those pesky voices, of course) that there are taboos in this practice. Some questions cannot be asked, some issues are not to be raised, certain subjects cannot be discussed. 

It is only by bringing conscious awareness to everything that causes suffering that we can hope to end suffering.

In this two-hour workshop, talk to the Guide about what you are told cannot be addressed by your Awareness Practice.